Tour 2020

08.02.2020            PADERBORN              “CASH - a singer of songs“            Amalthea Theater                       SOLD OUT

22.02.2020            BISCHHEIM                 “CASH - a singer of songs“            Kulturmühle                                   SOLD OUT

05.06.2020            BARSINGHAUSEN  “CASH - a singer of songs“            Gastronomie Kammann                     Tickets

12.07.2020            LEIPZIG                          “CASH - a singer of songs“            Vineta                                                           Tickets

29.08.2020            KREFELD                      “CASH - a singer of songs“            Jazzkeller                                                    Tickets

18.09.2020            BISCHHEIM                “CASH - a singer of songs“             Kulturmühle                                             Tickets

10.10.2020            BERLIN                           “CASH - a singer of songs“            Ratskeller  Köpenick                            Tickets

18.10.2020            ÖHRINGEN                 “CASH - a singer of songs“             Scala                                                              Tickets

28.12.2020            UECKERMÜNDE                  “songs to tell“                           Kulturspeicher                                        Tickets

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